Create your profile
The first thing you need to do, is to create a profile for everybody who is playing darts with you.

Enter your name, choose a nickname and a password and enter your E-Mail address. Your E-Mail address is basically needed if you forget your password and want to restore it.

Make sure your name is 3 to 25 characters long, your nickname is 5 to 16 characters long and your password ins 8 to 16 characters long.

Once everything is set up, click on the "add player" button on the right.

The next step is to login. Player 1 log-in on the left, player 2 log-in on the right.

Hint: To decide who will be player 1 and who will be player 2, each player can throw a single dart. The one which is closest to the bull's eye will be player 1.

Enter your name and your password and click on the "login" button.

Once you are successfully logged-in, your nickname will appear.

If somebody else wants to play the next game, just click on the "log out" button and log-in again.

Once you are successfully logged-in, your current stats will appear.

Once you are successfully logged-in, a dartboard will appear.
If you need in-game help, just click on the "? help" button.

If you want to check your stats over the last few months, just click on the "Stats" button. To see your current stats, you can also go to our log in section and log-in with your nickname and password.

Start the game
Once two players are successfully logged-in, click on the dartboard to start a new game.

Play the game
Once you started the game, the game screen appears.

On the left you see the stats for player 1 and on the right you see the stats for player 2.

Here are the things that you see: The first line shows you what you have scored: dart 1, dart 2, dart 3.
Right below that you see your current points.
Below that your game stats are displayed. When you are using myDarts, you do not have to do or calculate anything, everything will be done for you.
Below your stats, right next to your player shirt, you see the overall score: how many legs you have won so far.
As mentioned before, when you are using myDarts, you do not have to keep score or calculate anything. Everything will be done for you. The only thing you need to do is to click on the dart board to tell the app what you have scored. For instance: click on the black S20 segment, if you have thrown a single 20.
So, play a game of darts and once you have thrown your 3 darts, just click on the myDarts dart board to enter your score.

The big white and black segments are the single segments. The red and green segments of the outer circle are the double segments. The red and green segments of the inner circle are the triple segment. In the middle of the dart board is the bulls' eye. The green segment is the "25" segment. The red segment is the bull's eye.

If you did not hit anything, just click on the black outer ring.

Within the segments it is not important that you click on the exact spot that your dart has hit. Just click on any part of the segment.

The image on the left shows you a few examples.
When your are using the myDarts app, you can play as long as you want. Every leg you start with 501 points and you have to get to 0. In every leg the game mode is double out, which means the last segment you have to hit, has to be a double segment.
When you are using the myDarts app, you have to first create player profiles and log-in. That gives you the advantage that your stats will be saved in our database. Which means we save how many legs you have played, how many legs you have won, how many T20, T19, T18 you have hit, how many 60+, 100+, 140+ and 180s you have thrown, your overall 3-dart average, your high finishes, your double percentage and how many 9-darters you have thrown.

One of the cool features of the myDarts app is that we save your stats on a monthly basis. Which means, when you log-in, either within the app or here on our website, you can keep track on how your stats have changed over the last couple of months. For instance: has your 3-dart average improved?

To make that work, your stats will be uploaded to our database after every leg you have played.

Note: So, make sure your internet connection is working. If there is no connection to the internet, your stats cannot be saved.